FROM NOW ON, PROPERTY TAX IS TO BE PAID DIRECTLY TO THE CITY. In 1992 you will receive your Property Tax Assessment Notice from the Municipal instead of the National Tax Department. The "econo mie value" of your premises serves as the basis for the assessment. Property owners pay f 10.65 and users/tenants ------pay f5.39 for every f3,000 the property is worth. The "economie value" is determined by our assessors. You can check whether your asses sment is accurate. Say your home has been assessed at f90,000. Divided by f3,000, that would amount to 30. So as owner, you pay 30 x f 10.65 f319, and as user/tenant, you pay 30 x f 5.39 f161. Owner/users pay f319 f161 f480. You always pay for a whole year. Changes in the course of the year do not affect the amount. If you are unable to pay (on time), you can request a payment arran gement or submit an exemption request. Request forms are available at the Municipal Tax Department (tel. 5.683.685), the district offices or the Welfare Department. If you think your assessment is incorrect, submit your objection in writing within two months to the Municipal Tax Inspector. For further questions, the information desk at the Municipal Tax Department, James Wattstraat 84, Amsterdam is open weekdays from 8.30 to 4. You can also call 5.683.760 from 9 to 4. This folder is a simplifled version of the legal regulations. It does not grant you any specifie rights. Yeni dönem emlak vergilerinizi bulundugunuz §ehrin belediyesine ödeyeceksiniz 1992 yih emlak vergisi beyannameleri Maliye Bakanligi yerine ilk kez dogrudan Belediye Vergi Dairesi tarafindan veriliyor. Vergi beyannamelerinin gönderilmesinde temel ahnan unsur evinizin "mali degeri"dir. Emlak sahipleri sahip olduklan emlagin her 3.000,- guldeni igin 10,65 tutannda bir meblag ödemekle yükümlüdürler. Bu rakam kiracilar/kullanicilar igin emlagin her 3.000,- guldeni igin 5,39 seklinde degismektedir. Emlagin mali degerie vergi dairesi

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